About Us

Sourcery (pronunciation as per “sorcery”)  – Definition – blending the skill of the alchemist with the endeavour of the trader.

We are all about finding you the products you need to work your particular brand of magic.  Whether it is creating your own soaps, tanning your hides, dyeing feathers, preparing hunting trophies, making your own cosmetics or cleaning products – we can help.

The Sourcery is the brainchild of Glenda Carson.  And is the result of many years of tinkering, experimenting and developing recipes for her interests.   As diverse as soap making, aromatherapy and leather dyeing and finishing – combined with supplier relationships in many different industries.

Sourcery – Years of experience

With over 20 years experience in the retail sector, Glenda is vastly experienced in customer service, sales and retail management.

The Sourcery is not just the place to find a wide range of raw materials, but it also the place to find guide recipes, information, hints, remedies and formulations.  Check out our Blog, Forums and Library and feel free to share your experiences and skills.

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