Stearic Acid – 1kg

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Stearic Acid has many uses from food to personal care products.  Common uses include:

  • Soaps & Shampoos: Esters of stearic acid produce pearly effect in soaps and shampoos
  • Skincare: Stearic acid is an intensive moisturizer in creams and lotions, and soaps of stearic acid can be used as emulsifiers
  • Detergents/Disinfectants: Quaternary alkylammonium derivatives are used in the  manufacture of detergents, antistatic agents & disinfectants
  • Softening: Stearate salts of zinc, calcium, lead etc are used in softening PVC.
  • In Tyres: Used as release agents in manufacturing of tyres
  • Textile: Stearic acid with castor oil is used in textile sizing
  • Fireworks: Used in firework to coat metal powder which prevents oxidation, allowing composition to be stored for long time
  • Candies:Used with sugar or corn syrup as hardener in candies
  • Candles: Used in candle making
  • Dietary supplements: Used in dietary supplements as it is a fatty acid
  • Fanning: Used as lubricant agent in playing cards

Safety Information

Stearic acid is safe to use in foods and other purpose. It is not hazardous when consumed in limited quantities.

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