Shea Butter refined

Shea Butter Refined – 1kg

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Shea Butter has many uses from food to personal care products. Common uses include:

Cosmetics: Used in Lip care, skin care creams and moisturizers

Hair Care: Used to treat frizzy hair

In Soaps: 5-7% of Shea Butter is used in soap making

Cooking Oil: Used as cooking oil

Candle Making: Used in candles

Medicinal: Used in medical ointments

Sunscreen lotions: It is used in Sunscreens due to its capacity to help block UV Rays

Acne Treatment: It is used with combination with African Black Soaps for acne treatment

Scar Removal: It is used in reducing scars

Scalp treatment: It is used for scalp treatment to reduce irritation and itching

Wrinkles: Use of Shea Butter also helps reducing wrinkles

Stretch Marks: While pregnancy, shea butter is applied to reduce stretch marks

After Shave: It helps in reducing irritation & burning after shave due to razor

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Weight 1.5 kg

Ori, Shea Butter, Vitellaria paradoxa


Obtained from the nut of African Shea Tree


Eastern and Western parts of Africa


Obtained directly from nuts; raw, organic and refined grades available