Propanediol – 1L

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Propanediol is sustainably derived from plants and is used as a moisturizer, non-toxic anti-freeze, vaping solution, solvent, humectant and raw material for paints, polymers and plastics. Common uses include:

Soap-making – to make transparent soaps along with vegetable glycerine

Carrier for vaporizers – can carry essential oils

Dry skin relief – May be used undiluted and applied to dry skin

Personal care cleansers – moisturizing agent for hand wash, shower gel

Skincare – Moisturizer for creams, lotions, serums and balms

Hair care – Conditioning agent, moisturizer, humectant

Bath bombs – Moisturizer

Bath salts – Moisturizer

Hand sanitizer – Moisturizing ingredient to stop ethanol based hand sanitisers from drying out the skin

Carrier – For fragrance oils and essential oils

Photographic chemicals – Used as a solvent in film developers

Preservative – Has bacteriostatic effect

Lubricants – Personal and industrial uses

Humidor solution – Blend 1:1 with vegetable glycerine

Botanical extracts – used as extracting agent

Electronic cigarettes – blend with propylene glycol and flavours

Non-toxic anti-freeze – Normal antifreeze, (ethylene glycol) is highly toxic

Smoke machines – Coolant

Emulsifier Coupling agent  РUsed in detergents, industrial cleansers

Safety Information

Very rare instances of skin irritation. Mildly irritating to the eye, avoid contact.

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