Potassium Bicarbonate 5kg

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Potassium Bicarbonate has been used for centuries for numerous household, garden, food and health applications.

Common uses include;

Breadmaking                     As a leavening agent

Winemaking                      To reduce the acidity of different wine varieties

Building protection          As an effective fire retardant and fire extinguising (Dry Powder types)

Fungicide                            Active against powdery mildews and other fungi and moulds

Fertiliser                              A soluble source of Potassium and treating sour soils

Organic Farming               Organic fungicide and fertiliser

Vegetable wash                  To remove residues of chemical pesticides, first and microbes such as fungal spores

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Potassium Bicarbonate has been used over the centuries for numerous household and health reasons. Some common uses include leavening in baking, for winemaking, in soda water, and as an effective fire retardant as well. Some have used Potassium Bicarbonate as a fungicide against powdery mildew, fertiliser (soluble Potassium source), vegetable wash, and is accepted for safe use in Organic Farming.

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