Olive Oil – 3 x 3L Refined

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Olive Oil has many uses from food to personal care products.  This bulk pack comes in 3 x 3L individual bottles for easy handling.

Common uses include:

Skin Care: Used in moisturizers and cleansers in skin care products

In Massages: Used in infant massage and also preferred over sunflower or grapeseed oil

Culinary: Uses Used as cooking oils

Salad Dressing: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is used for salad dressing

Lubricant: Used as a lubricant for kitchen machinery like grinders, blenders etc.

IlluminationL Can be used in light lamps/oil lamps

Soaps: Used as a base in soaps & detergent making

Laboratory: Used as solvent & ligand in synthesis of cadmium selenide quantum dots

Health Benefits: Recommended for heart patients in their diet in regular quantities

Make-Up Remover: Used to remove eye makeup

Fried Foods: Food fried in olive oil is good to eat and healthy too in contrast to the food fried in other edible oils

Safety Information

Very slight eye irritant.

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Additional Information

Weight 6.00 kg

Olea europaea, Olive Oil


Obtained by pressing the fruit of the Olive tree


Algeria, Argentina, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey


Obtained in following forms: Virgin Oil, Extra-Virgin Oil, Lampante Oil, Refined Oil, Pomace Oil