Avocado Oil Organic 1 Litre

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Uses of Certified Organic Avocado Oil

Dry Skin Relief: Apply directly on skin helps relive dry skin.

Creams and lotions: Avocado oil is useful as an excellent moisturizer in creams and lotions

Scalp Use: application of avocado oil on scalp treats itching and stimulate hair growth

Ageing Effect: Applying avocado oil on skin also prevents early skin ageing.

Acne Treatment: take few drops of avocado oil and apply on skin to reduce acne.

Facial Mask: Mixing few drops of oil in face masks retains moisture in skin

After shower: Apply avocado oil on dry & damp skin after shower for nourished skin

Edible Usage: Used in salads as salad dressing

Health Benefits: Consuming avocado oil in food is good for heart & regulates sugar levels.

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