Activated Charcoal 1kg

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Activated charcoal, also known as Activated Carbon, has many uses from cosmetic use to water purification, to medical use, to pollution control and water water treatment.  Activated charcoal is made by high temperature roasting and then steam treating to create pores through out the powder, and this gives huge surface area.  As a result, it can bind other substances onto its surface area (adsorption), as a form of detoxification.

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Uses include;

Skincare                  Detoxifying face masks, face washes or scrubs

Hair care                Add 5g (1 teaspoon) to your normal shampoo to make detox shanpoo

Soap making          Great natural black colourant for soaps and personal care products

Candles                    Natural colourant for gray or dark coloured candles

Water treatment    Can act as a natural filter to remove organic material from water

Insect bites              Excellent remedy for bug bites, mix 1g activated charcoal with 2.5ml coconut oil

Gardening                Use as an additive to potting mix or as pesticide


Health and safety:  This product, though not toxic, is sold for external use only.  May stain skin, fabrics or        porous and hard surfaces.

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